A documentary film
exploring the world of vinyl toys.

Jun 12 th Sun

The Vinyl Frontier Spring Update


"The Vinyl Frontier" DVD is finally available for sale and it comes loaded with tons of special features. In addition to the 83 minute film, there’s a special artist and director commentary track recorded with Sucklord, Bill McMullen, MCA, and director Daniel Zana. It’s very insightful and very often hilarious.

There’s also 18 “The Vinyl Frontier” Artist Spotlights. These short videos give a more in depth look into the artist’s work and some of their background.  As if that weren’t enough, there are three longer video segments.  The first takes us inside the world of the artist Sucklord and his process for making resin toys. 

Next, it’s off for a photo shoot and brief interview with photographer Brian McCarty, where he shares some tips and gives us his history with toy photography.

And finally, we take a look at the exciting and varied collection of Gary Baseman at his home studio.

All that plus the theatrical trailer and a post screening Q&A make for a DVD chock full of bonus features!
You can pick up the film from our shop HERE.

We’re very excited to announce a toy we’ve been working on in conjunction with MCA of Evil Design and Toyqube . His name is Vito Finzetti, but some people just call him Sharky. He’s been around for as long as i can remember, helping out behind the scenes on major motion pictures doing just about everything to get movies made.  Hell, he was there every step of the way during the production of The Vinyl Frontier.  Check out a production still if you don’t believe me.

You can pick up Vito “Sharky” Finzetti from Here.