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Dec 3 rd Tue

The Vinyl Frontier Hanukah Sale!

To celebrate Chanukah, We’re offering a 30% off deal on everything in our store when you enter the promo code FESTIVALOFLIGHTS. It expires 12/04/13 at 10pm EST. Get Shopping and Happy Chanukah!  The Vinyl Frontier Store:  thevinylfrontier.bigcartel.com

Jan 17 th Tue

MCA’s 5” QEE-Zilla Coming Soon!

Anybody else thinks this looks awesome?

via MCA’s Tumblr:

A mighty roar is heard from the seemingly indestructible playground. Toy planes and trains are strewn about without a care. A reptilian tail wreaks havoc on the ankles of innocent witnesses. This incredible, unstoppable tiny titan of terror rules playtime - it’s non…e other than the precocious Qee-Zilla Kid!

MCA is back and his playful characters are ready to take 2012 by storm.

Toy2R is proud to announce the development of this new 5 inch figure, The Qee-Zilla Kid, a new Mini Qee featuring an all new head sculpt and mini monster tail. A comical creature indeed, Toy2R has some very cool surprises in store for this release…so stay tuned for more information as playgrounds become monster battlegrounds in 2012.

Toy2R…Where Imagination is Qee!

Jan 3 rd Tue

The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight: Luke Chueh


The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight: Attaboy


The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight: Thomas Han


The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight: Jermaine Rogers


The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight: Joe Ledbetter


The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight: Derek Welch of UNKL

Nov 11 th Fri

The Vinyl Frontier Fall Update

The Vinyl Frontier on VOD!

I’m happy to announce that The Vinyl Frontier is now available on the internets!

You can buy or rent the film on VOD. 

Click on the links below to check it out.

Amazon Instant Video

Best Buy CinemaNow

Playstation Network

The Little Lotus Project

I also wanted to let you that I’m raising money on Kickstarter with a group of artists called the Army of Snipers to participate in the Little Lotus Project.  In December, I’ll be going along with 12 others from across the globe with the charity SpinningTop to the Thai/Burma border to work with and inspire refugee and migrant children who have fled from the instability of Burma, with photography, music, and art.

After the program is finished, there will be an exhibition featuring art created on the trip and funds will be raised to help out the folks in Mae Sot with farming materials, food sources, and more.

My involvement with the project entails documenting the program in Thailand along with New Zealand filmmaker Gareth Moon.  Videos will be produced and distributed to further promote the project.

You can help out our project on Kickstarter HERE. The deal with Kickstarter is if we don’t reach our fundraising goal by Nov. 20th, then we don’t get to keep any of the funds raised.  So ANY amount is really appreciated.

Check out the video below for more info:

Sep 2 nd Fri

The Vinyl Frontier SDCC Recap

Apparently Cobra Commander is a fan of the film, who knew?

San Diego Comic Con this year was an absolute blast and to me it represented the culmination of it all. Four years of interviewing artists, collectors, producers, etc at various shows, conventions, and studios. 

Coming back to San Diego, armed with The Vinyl Frontier DVD and Vito “Sharky” Finzetti, I was ready to show the world what I’ve laboring away on for some time.  The great folks at Comic Con offered me a panel to discuss the film and the vinyl toy movement in general, so naturally I jumped on that opportunity.  For me, having a panel at comic con is incredibly humbling and tremendously exciting. 

Thanks to the Toyqube fam for letting me share a booth with them.  Of course, I’d be remiss if i didn’t give a shout out to my pal Tony Montalvo, who is a killer sculpter that’s worked with Keith on his Myth Warriors series.

Here’s the panel discussion we had with Keith Poon, Jermaine Rogers, Tara McPherson, and Frank Kozik. Special thanks to Jeremy Brautman for moderating the panel.  Also, thanks to all the Teen Wolf fans who came early to snag seats to a panel immediately following mine.  At least I got to expose potentially new fans to something non werewolf related.